Software quality assurance and successful Software Testing

Business models and markets change faster and moving towards digital resources than the applications that support them can be developed, software quality assurance is often first to be cut from the budget or schedule despite the fact that software defects have a direct, negative impact on profitability. Even a small number of defects can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. It is estimated that a software defect found and fixed post-production costs 100 times more than if the defect was found in the design or early stage.

Quality assurance and software testing are very important. Quality Assurance testing is employed to reduce possible defects in every stage of the software development life cycle. The 2003 book “Managing Software Engineering Knowledge” states “the focus of [Software Quality Assurance] is to monitor continuously throughout the Software Development Life Cycle to ensure the quality of the delivered products”.

This requires monitoring both the processes and the products. In process assurance, SQA provides management with objective feedback regarding compliance to approved plans, procedures, standards, and analyses. Product assurance activities focus on the changing level of product quality within each phase of the life cycle, such as the requirements, design, code, and test plan. The objective is to identify and eliminate defects throughout the life cycle as early as possible.